El Viajero - Recordings

These recordings are for the class starting: 18th April 2021

Week 1

An introduction to Spanish sentence structure, the fundamentals of pronunciation, and a shortcut to speak more Spanish without learning more verb conjugations.

Week 2

Adjective word order, how to use the Spanish word 'lo', and an important Spanish phrase to express obligation.

Week 3

The two Spanish verbs for 'to be' and an important Spanish phrase to talk about the future.

Week 4

How to use 'ser' and 'estar' with adjectives and how to use Spanish direct objects.

Week 5

How to ask questions in Spanish, question words, qué vs cuál.

Week 6

The first review week.

Week 7

Spanish indirect objects, personal pronouns with prepositions, and verbs like 'gustar'.

Week 8

Negation and negative words in Spanish, and verbs like 'gustar' part 2.

Week 9

'Por' and 'para', and the present perfect tense.

Week 10

Spanish reflexive verbs, how to form sentences with people as the object, and the verbs 'saber' and 'conocer'.

Week 11

Reciprocal verbs, and the passive and impersonal 'se'.

Week 12

The second review week.