Verbs Like Gustar - Quiz

Verbs Like Gustar - Questions

Question 1:

Spanish verbs can be grouped into these 3 basic structures: normal verbs, verbs like gustar, and reflexive verbs? (True / False)

Question 2:

Which of the following pronouns is not used with verbs like gustar?

Question 3:

”He doesn't like it" in Spanish is: "No __ gusta".

Question 4:

"It seems strange to me" in Spanish is: "Me _____ extraño".

Question 5:

"Is it okay with you?" in Spanish is: "¿Te _____ bien?".

Question 6:

"We don't have any sugar left" in Spanish is: "No nos _____ azúcar?".

Question 7:

"I'm interested in practicing Spanish with you" in Spanish is: "Me _____ practicar español contigo".

Question 8:

"He didn't used to care about Sport, now he does" in Spanish is: "A él no le ____ igual el deporte, ahora sí".

Question 9:

"What did you think of the concert?" in Spanish is: "¿Qué te ____ el concierto?"

Question 10:

"We didn't used to like mushrooms" in Spanish is: "No nos ____ los champiñones".

Question 11:

"That report caught my attention" in Spanish is: "Ese informe me ____ la atención".

Question 12:

"It used to be really difficult for me to read Spanish" in Spanish is: "Me ____ mucho leer en español".