El Técnico - Recordings

These recordings are for the class starting: 21st April 2021

Week 1

The subjunctive past imperfect tense its uses in the past, present & future, expressing desires for impossible things, and making requests and giving advice in a polite manner.

Week 2

The subjunctive past imperfect and expressing probability, evaluations, opinions, expressions of time and comparisons with "como si" & "ni que".

Week 3

The subjunctive present perfect tense, uses of the subjunctive present perfect tense, and the subjunctive present perfect tense vs other tenses.

Week 4

The Spanish future perfect tense, making guesses with the future perfect tense, relating events in the future, and the future perfect vs the subjunctive present perfect.

Week 5

The Spanish conditional perfect tense, uses of the the conditional perfect tense, the conditional perfect tense vs other tenses.

Week 6

The first review week.

Week 7

The subjunctive past perfect tense, uses of the subjunctive past perfect tense, the subjunctive past perfect tense vs other tenses, and consecutive sentences.

Week 8

Conditional sentences part 1, 'perífrasis verbales' - part 1, and 'oraciones concesivas' - part 1.

Week 9

Conditional sentences part 2, 'perífrasis verbales' - part 2, and 'oraciones concesivas' - part 2.

Week 10

El estilo indirecto (El Técnico), relative pronouns, and 'oraciones concesivas' - part 3.

Week 11

The Spanish passive voice with 'ser' and 'estar', how to emphasize an element of discussion, and adjectives with 'ser' and 'estar' at El Técnico level.

Week 12

The second review week.