Module 1 - Day 3

Practice Questions

Question 1:

Which is the second person form of ‘ir’:

Question 2:

Translate ‘I am going to be able to speak’:

Question 3:

What does ‘Voy a decir algo’ mean:

Question 4:

True or false - This sentence is correct ‘Voy a ir a un casa’:

Question 5:

How do you say ‘how do you say’: (ignore punctuation)

Question 6:

How does ‘voy a encontrar un lugar donde se puede hablar’ translate:

Question 7:

What does ‘tengo que ir a mi casa’ mean:

Question 8:

How do you say ‘I have a house’ in Spanish:

Question 9:

Fill in the blank ‘No quiero ___ a mi casa’:

Question 10:

Translate ‘Tengo que decir algo más’: