Grammar Hacking

Part 3 - Answers

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Grammar Hacking

Question 1:

Fill in the blank ‘____ encontrar un nuevo trabajo’: (Hint: You are going to find a new job)

Question 2:

Fill in the blank ‘____ ir a españa el año que viene’: (Hint: I'm going to Spain next year):

Question 3:

What is the Spanish translation of ‘I don’t want to speak with him’:

Question 4:

How do you say ‘I don’t like the tapas’ in Spanish:

Question 5:

Fill in the blank ‘_____ a tiempo’: (English translation: I was on time)

Question 6:

How do you say ‘You haven’t finished the food’:

Question 7:

If the answer is ‘Sí, estoy listo’, what is the question:

Question 8:

If the answer is ‘No, no tiene hambre’, what is the question:

Question 9:

Is this sentence correct ‘Las películas es muy largos’:

Question 10:

Which is the correct: