Day 1 - Hablar & Gustar

We start with two of the most common words in the Spanish language. Listen for the conjugations!


Day 1 Vocab

Hablar - To Speak


Yo hablo Español - I speak Spanish

Él habla con alguien por teléfono - He speaks to someone on the phone

Necesitas hablar con ella - You need to speak to her

Gustar - To Like


Me gusto mucho - I like it a lot

¿Te gusta la música? - Do you like the music?

Me gustan los libros - I like books


Day 1 Grammar

Regular -Ar Verbs Present Conjugation

The following table shows how to conjugate all regular Spanish verbs
ending in -ar (eg hablar, escuchar, nadar):

Hablar Present English
Yo Hablo I speak
Hablas You speak
Él / Ella / Usted Habla He / She speaks
Nosotros Hablamos We speak
Vosotros Habláis You-all speak
Ellos / Ellas / Ustedes Hablan They speak

Question 1:

Fill in the blank:
Me gusta mucho ___ película

Question 2:

Fill in the blank:
¿Te gusta __ hermano?

Question 3:

Fill in the blank:
No le gusta el ___ y el ___

Question 4:

What did the king like a lot?

Question 5:

How many years had he lived in Madrid?

Question 6:

Fill in the blank:
Me gusta hablar ___ frecuencia

Question 7:

What languages does he speak?

Question 8:

When does he speak with his sister?

Question 9:

How does he speak?

Question 10:

What should you do when the teacher speaks?