El Cuentacuentos - Recordings

These recordings are for the class starting: 27th February 2022

Week 1

'Ser' vs 'Estar' (El Cuentacuentos), the present progressive tense, regular and irregular gerunds, contrast between the present and present progressive tense, 'llevar + gerundio' and 'seguir + gerundio'.

Week 2

Reported speech in the present, the present perfect tense (refresh), 'ya' vs 'todavía', 'acabar de' and 'estar a punto de'.

Week 3

The past simple tense, markers of the past simple tense, contrast between the past simple tense and present perfect tenses.

Week 4

The past imperfect tense, uses of the past imperfect tense, markers of the past imperfect tense, contrast between the past simple tense and past imperfect tense.

Week 5

Irregular past simple and past imperfect verb conjugations, reported speech in the past, direct and indirect objects combined.

Week 6

The first review week.

Week 7

The four past translations of 'was', verbs of movement and prepositions, prepositions of position, 'to remember' and 'to forget' in Spanish.

Week 8

Comparisons in Spanish, adverbs of quantity, pronouns of ownership.

Week 9

The past simple progressive, the past imperfect progressive, contrast between past simple progressive and past imperfect progressive, adverbs of manner.

Week 10

How to form a sequence of events in the past, the past perfect tense.

Week 11

Cause, motive & consequence, review of past simple irregular verbs, review of 4 past tenses combined.

Week 12

The second review week.